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The choice of camshafts is a critical one for power output. Most of the power increases in a Jaguar high performance engine are made in the cylinder head. Increased flow by porting and the use of larger valves is necessary. So too is a camshaft "dialed-in" for the type of driving the engine is expected to endure.

Overall power increase depends on many factors. Proper carburetion, header/exhaust selection and a compression ratio suitable for the application all have a bearing. As much as we would like to say "Install these cams and get 15 more horsepower, no problem," it's not that simple.

The table below lists our reground and billet camshafts. Most are regrinds on suitable cores and are ideal for mild applications. A Billet cam is designed and ground to be a particular profile from a steel billet. To shape a cam lobe, material is ground off, forming the shape the designer requires. When working from an existing camshaft there are limits to how much material can be removed to reshape a lobe. With a new steel billet, those limitations are lifted.

With billet cams we can achieve more performance through:

  • Greater valve lift for higher rpms
  • Smoother ramping for less strain on the valve train
  • Reduced valve float means more longevity
  • Longer durations increase total air flow

The total benefit from billets is greater, dependable, and durable horsepower. While more expensive, our billet cams are worth the extra cost when focused on the ultimate goal of performance. There are two full-race billet profiles from which to choose.

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Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles.

Cam Profiles 

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Cam Lift

37-1585 XK-1 H.P. Street 254 .390
37-1586 XK-2 H.P. Street 258 .404
37-1587 XK-3 Rallye 308 .426
37-1610 XK-5 Full-Race Billet 306 .501
37-1611 XK-6 Full-Race Billet 323 .518

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