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In the foreword to Al Moss’ autobiography, automotive journalist Peter Egan wrote:

“Al was one of the founders of the sports car movement in California just after WWII. He raced, ran a repair shop, officiated at the now-legendary races on the West Coast, founded a badly-needed MG parts business and hung out with a colorful cast of racers, pioneer tuners and car builders whose like we probably won’t see again. All in a magical era when sports cars were not just machines but a way of life, a way of looking at the world.”

Moss Motors continues to carry on the legacy that Al started 70 years ago. Over those seven decades hundreds of Moss employees and hundreds of thousands of customers have contributed their knowledge, enthusiasms and passion to the British sports car movement. It’s a movement that today is cherished as a supportive, fun-loving, helpful community.


As we enter our 70th year of business we are looking back and looking forward, too. We’re looking back on the challenges we’ve faced, the changes we’ve seen, and the lessons we’ve learned as a parts supplier and also as a resource of information. And we are looking forward and doing what is needed to best serve future generations of sports car enthusiast.

The history of our company is important to us, and it’s something we are proud of. Many of our customers have known us and worked with us for years, and some for decades. We would love to hear of your memories with Moss from our younger years.

Are there stories of service that come to mind? Did you have an experience with Al Moss himself? We hope to build on our future by preserving the best of our past. Thank you for being with us all these years!