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Performance Camshaft, Road/Rally

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Midget/Sprite 1275, Mini
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Camshafts can wear down, get damaged or even break over time. Replace your worn camshaft with these high quality replacements and put a little more performance in your engine with a new steel billet performance cam!

These cams mate to the appropriate A+ slot drive oil pump, and must be installed as a set. Both cams feature pressure fed oiling to the lobes and distributor drive gear.

114-160 Fast Road Cam, Slot Drive
Power Band: 1500-5500
Duration at 0.0158" cam lift: 257 inlet 257 exhaust
Duration at 0.0500" cam lift: 214 inlet 214 exhaust
Valve Lift, gross, 1.26 ratio: 340"
Giving a smooth idle, this cam is a great street driver as it gives a balance of low and high end improvement. This is the best cam for supercharged engines as it gives a higher valve lift without too much duration.

114-165 Fast Road/Rally Cam, Slot Drive
Power Band 1900-5800
Duration at 0.0158" cam lift: 270 inlet 270 exhaust
Duration at 0.0500" cam lift: 224 inlet 224 exhaust
Valve Lift, gross, 1.26 ratio: .353"
This gives a slightly lumpy idle, but gives strong mid and high end power. Suitable for street use, but you wouldn't want to get stuck in stop and go traffic.

114-040 Slot Drive Oil Pump, 948 - 1098cc
This is the standard pump as fitted originally to the 948cc A+ engines. The three bolt mounting fits 948cc and 1098cc engines.

114-034 Slot Drive Oil Pump, 1275cc
This is the standard pump as fitted originally to the 1275cc A+ engines. It is an improvement over the earlier 1275cc star drive pump.

114-039 Turbo High Output Slot Drive Oil Pump, 1275cc
Originally fitted to the MG Metro Turbo, this pump provides 25% more flow than stock which keeps oil pressure constant under hard use and is a performance upgrade to the stock pump. Fits 1275cc block only, requires modification to oil pump cover.

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Classic Mini Internal Engine Internal Engine 26 CAMSHAFT slot drive 1

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Style: Road/Rally