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Ring & Pinion Gear Set, 3.31:1

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These are USA-made Dana-brand ring & pinion kits. Installation kit 33-1000 is required.

Not suitable for ENV or 2HA axles fitted to XK-120 and early MK VII. (ENV axles can be easily identified by the lack of a removable rear cover, while 2HA axles have a virtually round rear cover gasket.) These sets fit later XKs, Early Sedans, E-Type, XJ-S, and Series I, II and III XJ6 and XJ12. These kits are also not suitable for late XJS with the Dana differential (rare in the US) which can be identified by a lack of a bottom drain plug and triangular stub axle bearing retainers fastened with three bolts per side.

Kits include ring & pinion gears, rear cover gasket, inner and outer pinion bearings, pinion seal, pinion shims and pinion nut and washer.

Because the pinion spline differs from original, this set requires installation kit 33-1000 which includes a new front flange yoke with the appropriate spline pattern  and matching U-joint. The kit also includes reducer sleeves for the ring gear mounting bolts, which are smaller than vintage Jaguar applications. (But rest assured, they are plenty strong.)

Ring & pinion kits are supplied with the early-type outer pinion bearing. "Second Type" differentials introduced in mid-1969 (and all subsequent differential types) that use a collapsible spacer to set pinion pre-load (as opposed to shims) will require outer pinion bearing part number 071-350 to be purchased separately. The early bearing has a race outer diameter of 2.875". The later bearing's race is 2.6875" in diameter. Pinion pre-load is set via shims with these kits.

Finally, there were two types of ring gear carriers, one for "short" (higher numerically) gears and one for "tall" (lower numerically) gears. When choosing a ring & pinion gear set, you must stay within the original ratio range of each carrier. They are 5.89 to 3.92 and 3.73 to 3.07.

Torque ring gear bolts to 55 foot-pounds. Use red Loctite. Do not use any washers or lock tabs on the ring gear bolts.

Model (Site) Category Schematic Key Name Application Qty
Jaguar Early Sedans Differential & Axles Ring and Pinion Sets RING AND PINION SET Early Sedan - B Group 1
Jaguar XJ6, XJ12 Differential & Axles Salisbury Differential, B-Type Stub Axle Components 13 RING and PINION GEAR SET XJ6, XJ12, XJS 1
Jaguar XJS Differential & Axles Salisbury Differential, B-Type Stub Axle Components 13 RING and PINION GEAR SET XJ6, XJ12, XJS 1
Jaguar XK120, 140, 150 Differential & Axles Differential, Salisbury Type 55 RING AND PINION XK140-150 - Salisbury Type 1
Jaguar E-Type Differential & Axles Differential Ring and Pinion Sets 1 RING AND PINION SET E-Type - B Group 1

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Product Name: Ring & Pinion Gear Set, 3.31:1 Make: Jaguar