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Orders and Shipments will be delayed starting 3pm PDT, July 18th. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

Orders and Shipments will be delayed starting 3pm PDT, July 18th. Please visit the Company Status page for details.

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Remanufactured Steering Pump

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Special Order Special Order SPECIAL ORDER - Special order items are made on demand. Please allow approximately 4-8 weeks for delivery. Delivery of some items may exceed this time frame. Special Orders must be paid for in advance with a credit card. Special Orders may not be canceled or returned. Some Special Orders can't be sent to a foreign address. We strongly suggest sending to a US shipping address to avoid any issues.
Fits XJ-8 and XJ-R 1st Gen (X308) 1998-2003, XK8 and XKR Series I (X100) 1996-2006.  <p><strong>Moss Classic Jaguar Remanufactured Parts Policy <p>Remanufactured parts carry a core charge. This is a deposit that will be refunded once we receive your old part back and deem it a viable and rebuildable dirty core. The sooner you send the dirty core back, the sooner your deposit will be refunded.</p> <p>Here is the fine print as it relates to remanufactured parts and core charge refunds.</p> <ul> <li>Dirty cores must be an exact match for the part purchased. A Chevy water pump will not suffice for a Jaguar V-12 unit and an XJ-6 wiper motor cannot be accepted for an XK-120 part. In some limited cases we will accept non-matching cores for a reduced refund. Please call first.</li> <li>Your dirty core must be complete. If we supplied your remanufactured water pump with a pulley, for instance, your dirty core must have a pulley as well. There are some gray areas here, as most remanufactured water pumps, for example, are not supplied with various hose fittings. These may be removed from your dirty core and fitted to the purchased remanufactured part. Same goes for some remanufactured brake master cylinders - there are fittings that may not be supplied with the remanufactured part. Bottom line: check the purchased part against your dirty core and call 800-444-5247 if you have any questions. The core must be assembled, a box of loose parts in not acceptable. An incomplete dirty core will result in a reduced core deposit refund, or rejection of the dirty core entirely.</li> <li>Your dirty core must not be damaged. Generators cannot have broken ears; steering racks cannot be shaped like bananas; wiper motors cannot be fire-roasted, etc.</li> <li>Your dirty core must be rebuildable or no core refund will be issued.</li> <li>When shipping your dirty core to us, please ensure it is packed well. Use our original packing methods as a guide. It is your responsibility to ensure the dirty core is packed well enough to arrive at Moss Classic Jaguar undamaged.</li> <li>Cores must be returned in the original box. You may need to enclose the original box inside another box to ensure safe transit.</li> <li>Please completely drain all fluids from your dirty core.</li> <li>Please enclose a copy of your invoice with the dirty core. This will ensure a speedy core charge refund. If we don't know who sent us the parcel, we cannot refund your deposit.</li> <li>Please keep dirty core returns and other returns separate. This will ensure your core charge refund is not delayed.</li> <li>Dirty core returns sent freight-collect will be refused.</li> </ul> Note: This item replaces part number JA-MJA8111BH.

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  • All Classic British products are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from the date of invoice.
  • All superchargers, supercharger components, and supercharger hardware are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of invoice.
  • Moss Motors, Ltd. will, at its discretion, repair or replace any part that fails in service within the warranty period. This warranty does not cover labor, failure of related components, normal wear of brake or clutch components or failure resulting from alteration, misuse, accidental damage, faulty installation, or faulty repair.
  • Warranty requests should be submitted to our sales department and must be supported by the original Moss Motors purchase invoice and documentation of the failure.
Product Name: Remanufactured Steering Pump Make: Jaguar