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Tappet Set for Crane Camshaft

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for 451-260 and 451-270
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Upgrade worn out and damaged tappets with these high quality steel replacements. Sold as a set of 8.

The Crane cam differs from the original cam in several ways. Although made for a vintage application, the design incorporates more modern thinking. First, it is made of steel instead of cast iron. The original cam had lobes that have very steep ramps and a very "pointed" or "sharp" nose. This puts high loads on the cam and the base of the tappet, which in turn reduces the useful life of the engine. The lobes on the stock cam are also "flat", meaning they are the same height from edge to edge. All of these features were eliminated from cam designs in the '60s. The Crane engineers designed a cam with the same lift, duration, and cam timing as the stock cam with a larger-than-stock base circle. This reduces the steepness of the ramps and allows the nose to be more rounded. The lobes of the Crane cam are tapered, which improves tappet rotation if the tappets are crowned to match the taper of the cam lobes. Because the base circle is larger, shorter pushrods are advised, and the lower oil holes in the tappet body must be machined to provide proper lubrication for the cam. Moss have a set of specially prepared tappets (433-365) and shorter pushrods (433-335) designed to go with this cam. The Crane cam, tappets, and short pushrods are made for each other, and together they will provide years of reliable service, far outlasting stock components. Properly fitted and broken in following our comprehensive instructions, these cams, tappets and pushrods will perform as well as any stock cam, but they have the potential for giving good service for more years and miles than the original design.





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