Vin Plate  
Vehicle Number Location R/H firewall
Body Number Location center firewall
Engine Number Location L/H engine block, behind coil
Gearbox Number Location L/H side
Rear Axle Number Location top of case
Engine Firing Order 1,3,4,2
Valve Rocker Clearance .010" in. & exh. (cold)
Idle Speed 500 rpm
Static Ignition Timing 4 deg BTDC
Dynamic Ignition Timing N/A
Timing Mark Location above crank pulley
Distributor Make/Type Lucas DM2P4
Contact Breaker (points) Gap .015"
Rotation of Rotor anti-clockwise
Dwell Angle  
Ignition Coil Make/Type Lucas, 12 V
Primary Resistance  
Spark Plug Make/Type Champion L87Y
Spark Plug Gap .025"
Carburetor Make/Type SU H-6 x 2
Carburetor Main Jet .100"
Carburetor Main Jet Needle SM
Carburetor Piston Spring red
Length 12' 7"
Width 4' 7-1/2"
Height 4' 2"
Ground Clearance 6" under axle
Track Front 3' 9" (disc wheels), 3'10" (wire wheels)
Track Rear 3' 9" (disc wheels), 3'10" (wire wheels)
Wheelbase 7" 4"
Turning Circle 32' 0"
Toe-In 1/8" (0-1/16" w/ radials)
Unladen Weight 2009 lbs (910 kg)
Curb Weight 2135 lbs (970 kg)
Gross Weight NA
Original Tire Size 5.5"x15"
Original Tire Pressure Front (Cold) 22 psi
Original Tire Pressure Rear (Cold) 24 psi
Replacement Tire Size 165 x 15
Engine Type 4 cyl. inline, wet liners
Engine Displacement 1991cc (121.5 cu. In.)
Firing Order 1,3,4,2
Compresssion Ratio 8.5:1
Engine Bore 3.268" (83mm)
Engine Stroke 3.622" (92mm)
Number of Cylinders  
Oil Pressure Idle 30 psi minimum
Oil Pressure Normal 70 psi @ 2000 rpm
Ignition Type conventional points
Fuel System Type  
Fuel Pump Make/Type A.C. mechanical
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.4 US gal. (54.5 litres)
Cooling System Capacity 17.4 US Pints (8.3 litres)
Sump Capacity 13.2 US. Pints (6.25 liters)
Gearbox Capacity, non-overdrive 1.8 US Pints (.85 litres)
Gearbox Capacity, overdrive 4.2 US. Pints (2.0 litres)
Gearbox Capacity, automatic  

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