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Moss Motors 75th Anniversary Coin

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Celebrate Moss's 75th anniversary with us with this new commemorative coin. The coin features our 75th anniversary emblem on the front, and on the back is the emblem inspired by the original artwork for the badge representing the "Moss Motors Luncheon & Bench Racing Society", a car group that formed at the Moss Motors early Los Angeles location. It is a great collector's piece, gift, or with a flip, dispute resolution solution.


  • 2" diameter
  • Engraved and enameled images
  • Rope edge in polished silver

History of the Coin:

"Moss Motors Luncheon and Bench Racing Society" formed at the first location on 3200 Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles almost by accident. It started as a weekly tradition of going to lunch on Saturdays to talk about British cars with whoever happened to be in the shop. Al Moss described the group as "not necessarily customers, just friends and hangers-on" as well as "fellow car nuts" who had stopped by to chat.

As the tradition became more regular, it needed a proper name. In his autobiography, The Other Moss - My Life with Cars and Horses, Moss writes:

One of the regulars was Ben Sears, a TD owner and a commercial artist by trade. There was no membership, but Ben created the name, "Moss Motors Luncheon and Bench Racing Society," and designed an appropriate badge. We made twenty-five of these badges and sold them to the "non-members" for a buck each. We proudly displayed them on the front of our MGs, or in Dr. John Benton's case, his Morgan.

For the uninitiated, the term "bench racing" refers to what all drivers and would-be drivers do off the track: "I woulda won that race if only..."

The badge is very clever and has remained exclusive to the original non-members.

That is, until now. This is the first time the badge has gone into production so that it can be shared with fellow motorists.

Founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Moss Motors has been in business since 1948. Our goal has always been to provide the best parts at competitive prices and to be a resource for fellow motorists. We are proud to be a part of this dedicated community and appreciate the support of our customers!

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