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HEAT SHIELD KIT, with hardware

Part #
BN7/BT7 (triple carbs), BJ7, BJ8

We relied heavily on Eric Grunden (Absolutely British, Santa Maria, California). Eric, who has restored many Healeys to Concours standards, made patterns for his own use based on original panels from cars that he restored. Eric loaned us his collection of original samples, patterns, and library of photos of unrestored cars which we used to develop this kit. Roger Moment provided essential information on suitable modern materials and detailed instructions on painting the panels to achieve a finish that is both correct and durable. We are grateful to both Eric and Roger for their assistance with this project.

The 100-6 BN4, BN6, 3000 MK I BN7 and BT7 had five heat shield panels, while the 3000 MK II from (C)13751 (BN7 and BT7 tri-carb cars), the 3000 MK III BJ7 and BJ8 only had four heat shield panels. Despite the fact that the factory parts books show the same part numbers for all 100-6 and 3000s, they are different in many ways. That is why we decided to reproduce both the 5-panel heat shield set as fitted to the 100-6 and 3000 MK I (021-688), and the 4-panel set as fitted to the 3000 MK II and MK III (this kit, 021-683). The attaching hardware also changed, and we include the appropriate screws and washers with each kit.


Model (Site) Category Schematic Key Name Application Qty
Austin Healey 100, 100-6, 3000 Interior Trim and Fittings Miscellaneous Trim Fittings 80 HEAT SHIELD KIT BN7/BT7 (triple carbs), BJ7, BJ8 1

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Model: 3000