Power Steering Rack and Pinion Kit, Early Sedans

Once an early sedanËÇÖs power steering box is substantially worn, there's not much hope; internal parts simply are not available. That's why weËÇÖve developed a conversion kit to install an XJ rack-and-pinion power steering rack in MK IIs and other early sedans. The updated parts greatly improve steering feel and reliability. What's more, the conversion doesn't alter the carËÇÖs appearance and offers availability of replacement parts. The kit includes a modified rebuilt steering rack, mounting bushings, tie rod ends, custom-fabricated adapter bracket and new, custom, power steering hoses, filter and hardware. The kit is easy to install and makes use of the stock power steering pump attached to the generator. However, the steering shaft must be shortened (this involves cutting the old shaft, some grinding, and re-welding the shaft to the U-joint yoke). This means it's easier to use the early type shaft; the later shaft with the CV-type joint is cast and more difficult to safely modify. Installation is simple enough for the home mechanic.

34-4000: With banjo-type high pressure hose. Note: The banjo-type hose between the pump and power steering box was fitted up to 3.4 KG.1001 to KG.7699; 3.8 LA.1001 to LA.9999 and LB.1001 to LB.2633.

34-4001: Supplied high pressure MK II hose does not fit 420; have original modified locally. Without banjo fitting on high pressure hose; see above VIN breaks.

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