Wire Wheel, Painted, 15"x4.5", 60 Spoke, Tubeless Type

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TD-TF, MGA, BJ7 from 24367, BJ8, TR2-4A, TR250
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Most British cars were originally fitted with painted wire wheels. Chrome wheels were a popular option, but the stove-enameled look may be what you want to set your car apart on the show field. Painted wire wheels were used on all competition cars, and they can add a more correct, purposeful look for vintage race cars and other high-performance machines.

MWS Dunlop style painted wire wheels have a very high corrosion resistance. Before being painted, they are primer-coated using Cathodic Electrophoretic Technology, popularly known as electro; or e-coat.; The silver-grey paint topcoat combines with the primer to give the wheel a salt-spray resistance of 840 hours when tested per ASTM standards. Painted wheels have a one year cosmetic and two year structural warranty.

Each MWS Dunlop style chrome wire wheel has a rim and shell which are polished in special-purpose machines, then hand-polished by skilled craftsmen. To enhance the corrosion resistance, microporous nickel plating is done prior to chrome-plating. The product conforms to the stringent International Standards ISO 1456-1988 specifications. The spokes and nipples are chrome-plated stainless steel for brightness and long life. Chrome wheels have a two year cosmetic and three year structural warranty.

All wire wheel nipples are silicone sealed at the rim to keep water out, a common complaint on lesser quality wheels.


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Austin Healey 100, 100-6, 3000 Wheels & Knockoffs Road Wheels And Fittings 1 WIRE WHEEL BJ7 from 24367, BJ8 5
MGA Wheels & Knockoffs Road Wheels & Tools 2 WIRE WHEEL 1500, 1600, 1622 5
MG TC, TD, TF Wheels & Knockoffs Road Wheels 1 WIRE WHEEL TD, TF 5
Triumph TR2, 3, 4 Wheels & Knockoffs Road Wheels 6 WIRE WHEEL TR2-4A 5
Triumph TR6, 250 Wheels & Knockoffs Wheels, Wheel Accessories & Tools 15 WIRE WHEEL TR250 4

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Brand: MWS DUNLOP WHEELS Finish: Painted Make: MG, Triumph, Austin Healey Model: TD-TF, MGA,3000MKII, TR2-4A, TR250 Size: 15" x 4.5", 60 Spoke Style: 60 Spoke Year: 1950, 1951, 1952 ,1953 ,1954 ,1955 ,1956 ,1957 ,1958 ,1959 ,1960 ,161 ,1962 ,1963 ,1964 ,1965 ,1966, 1967