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Supplemental heat shield, over mufflers

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Fits LHD MK II & MK III 3000's.
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The big Healey is famous (infamous?) for the ""Healey hot-foot"". Being English, they routed the exhaust pipes and mufflers under the passenger's seat. Fine if you have a RHD car. For those of us with LHD cars, we're sitting in what amounts to an oven. The exhaust system and engine heat up the frame rails and floorboards, and all that heat radiates through the carpet and padding, making the car very uncomfortable on a warm day. The factory was not unaware of the problem- the footbox/firewall insulating panels were fitted to all the big Healeys, and with the introduction of the MK II 3000 BN7 BT7 Tri-Carb in April '61, they added a sheet of insulating material under the driver's floor board, right over the twin mufflers. While that certainly helped, most Healey owners will tell you it is not enough.

Our R&D department has developed two supplemental heat shields, one for the footbox (021-640), and one to go under the floorboard over the mufflers (021-641). These heat shields start with substantial stainless steel plates, and we add aluminized ceramic fiber insulation. The muffler heat shield extends down on each side, shielding the frame rails from the mufflers. This heatshield fits the 3000 MK II MK III only- there is no easy way to secure the muffler heat shield to a MK I 3000 because they never had a factory heat shield over the mufflers. Although we intend to see what it would take to fit a muffler heat shield to an early car - we have not done that yet.

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Brand: MOSS HANDCRAFTED UPHOLSTERY Make: Austin Healey Model: 3000 Series: BN7, BT7, BJ7, BJ8 Year: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968