How To Bleed a Clutch Slave Cylinder


Get every last bubble of air out of your clutch system. Air in your clutch system causes a squishy pedal, less throw on the rod and the potential for moisture to enter the system.

Sometimes your clutch slave cylinder won’t bleed as successfully as a brake cylinder. This is because sometimes you get a small air pocket trapped in the cylinder that won’t come out with conventional bleeding. If you’ve been unsuccessful until now, do this.

  • Bleed as best you can the regular way.
  • Have your partner hold the clutch pedal to the floor.
  • Leave it on the floor.
  • Crack the bleeder.
  • The pressure will flow out your bleed tube to your jar.
  • Keep the pedal to the floor.
  • Use the pushrod to push the piston backwards to the end of the body.
  • Close the bleeder.
  • Let the pedal up slowly.
  • Repeat until last bubble escapes.