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E-Type Ser. II FHC
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Save 10% off individual prices when you purchase the whole kit! Moss Classic Jaguar sells the most comprehensive rubber kits in the business. If you want the best kit on the market, here it is. Our kits are designed to provide everything you need for a comprehensive, bare-metal repaint. All door, boot, lamp and glass seals are included. Interior and engine compartment items are not.

Part Number Description Qty Per Kit Notes
BD18947/3 BUMPER SEAL, FRONT 2 Between front bumpers and body; clips are used to secure (included with kit)
BD10313 CLIP, BUMPER and WINDOW SEAL 14 Secures front bumper-to-body seal (4) and door squeege seal (14)
BD28523 RUBBER BUFFER 8 Square rubber pad, between body and front bumper brackets (See Note #1)
BD22536 GAS LID BUFFER 2 Small rubber buttons to cushion gas filler lid
BD24789 SILL SEAL 2 At bottom of door openings, proper molded type; glued in place
BD23347 HATCH SEAL 1 Seals Rear Hatch Door
BD25898/99 SEAL, SHUT POST 1 PR Door jamb at rear, glued in channel; proper molded in top curve
BD35733 MARKER GASKET, REAR 2 Between rear side marker lamps and body
BD35977/1 BUMPER SEAL, REAR 1 Between rear bumper and body
BD37726 MARKER GASKET, FRONT 2 Between front side marker lamps and body
BD38155 LAMP PAD, RH 1 Rubber between tail lamp body and body (See Note #2)
BD38156 LAMP PAD, LH 1 Rubber between tail lamp body and body (See Note #2)
12339 LAMP GASKET 1 Between license lamp housing and license lamp lens
159-110 LAMP GASKET 4 Seals reverse lamp lenses and reverse lamp body
209 OVER RIDER SEAL 8 Between bumper over riders and bumpers
164-060 HEADLAMP GASKET 2 Seals headlamp unit to body
BD20903/1 COWL SEAL 1 Cushions rear edge of bonnet, glued into channel near base of windshield
12426 LENS PAD, TURN SIGNALS 2 Pad between turn signal lenses and turn signal lamp body
8608-2L LAMP PAD, LH 1 Gasket between front turn signal lamp and body, left
8608-2R LAMP PAD, RH 1 Gasket between front turn signal lamp and body, right
38-2008 FOAM LENS PAD 2 Foam pad between tail lamp lenses and tail lamp bodies
BD25716/7 A-POST SEAL, PAIR 1 PR Major seal for leading edge and tops of doors; glued to body
BD21964/2 OUTER DOOR FRAME "T" SEAL 8' Seals outer perimeter of door window frame
BD20499 WINDSHIELD SEAL 1 Holds windshield in place -- requires locking strip below
BD20499-1 W/S LOCK STRIP 21' Fits in channel of windshield seals; expands it to make tight seal
BD20309 BACKLITE SEAL 1 Seal for rear hatch window to body; use with BD20499-1 lock strip
38-2020 CHANNEL FELT 14' For door glass channels. Push in to channels and trim flush.
38-2024 QUARTER WINDOW PILLAR SEAL 5' Leading edge of rear quarter window pillars
18-2026 QUARTER WINDOW SEAL 9' Seals rear quarter windows to body
11728 LENS GASKET 4 Seals side marker lenses to chrome lamp housing
BD35729 HEADLIGHT RUBBER 2 Between body and headlamp opening finishers (See Note #3)
BD16700 WINDOW SEAL 2 Squeegee seal; between door and outer surface of door glass. Clips in place
BD20010/3 24" FUZZY STRIP 2 Fuzzy seal; between door and inner surface of door glass, clips in place
BD22312 CLIP FOR FUZZY STRIP 10 Attaches fuzzy window seal
8656 BEZEL PAD 3 Under chrome windshield wiper bezels
BD20434 MUDSHIELD SEAL 7' Mud shields under bonnet; riveted in place

1: These were fitted to the rear of later cars, but many customers prefer to fit them at all attaching points. Use as you see fit.
2: There are two tail lamp configurations but only one gasket type is available. You may have to trim the middle to clear the bulb sockets.
3: Does not have pre-drilled holes. Holes for attaching rivets must be cut by customer.

Note: This item replaces part number 18-0513.

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Jaguar E-Type Body Fittings Body Rubber Kits 1 BODY RUBBER KIT E-Type Series II FHC 1

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Make: Jaguar Model: E-Type Year: 1969, 1970, 1971