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Original Equipment Jack Handle, E-Type Late 4.2

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E-Type Late 4.2
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Along with the rest of the factory-supplied tools, many E-Types are missing their original jacks or only have a badly corroded excuse for a lifting device. We deal with several UK-based suppliers to bring you the most original and show-ready jacks and replacement pieces available.

The early 3.8 jack, C17822, was used to June 1962, or chassis numbers 850001- 850548 (RHD OTS); 875001-877518 (LHD OTS); 860001-860660 (RHD FHC); 885001-886246 (LHD FHC) although real-world change points probably varied. There are several reproductions of this jack. Our version is painted the correct grey and incorporates a superior high-pressure-die-cast top, unlike other versions that use an inferior sand-cast top.

Later 3.8-liter cars “óËé¼ËÇ£ and earlier 4.2s “óËé¼ËÇ£ were then supplied with part number C20661. The exact transition point from C20661 to C25183 is unknown, but a reasonable guess was sometime in 1966. The C20661 and C25183 jacks we sell have the correct "METALLIFACTURE" logo and are a mixture of refurbished original and reproduction components. While they are every bit as strong as original jacks, these were never overly robust units. Therefore, we sell them for display purposes only.

As supplied, C20661 and C25183 will not work for a 2+2. The LWB cars had "button" jacking points, and the jack socket was slotted to engage them. By special order, we can supply a 2+2 jack with the slotted socket.

V-12 jack C33924 is a refurbished original E-Type jack. (Others sell a mildly reconfigured XJ jack as an E-Type jack, but it is not correct.)

Some very late Series II cars came with a third-type jack. An "eye" on the central shaft accepted a bent rod handle similar to (or the same as) the V-12 jack. The factory parts books do not recognize this change. This jack is not currently available.

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