Body Rubber Kit

Part #
XK150 OTS from 831140 to 832105
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Save 10% off individual prices when you purchase the whole kit! Moss Classic Jaguar sells the most comprehensive rubber kits in the business. If you want the best kit on the market, here it is. Our kits are designed to provide everything you need for a comprehensive, bare-metal repaint. All door, boot, lamp and glass seals are included. Interior and engine compartment items are not.

Part Number Description Qty Per Kit Notes
BD10330 BUMPER GROMMET, OUTER 2 For rear bumper brackets
BD10331 BUMPER GROMMET, INNER 2 For rear bumper brackets
BD14893 HANDLE BUFFER 1 Under tip of trunk release handle
BD14943 RUBBER CLAMP 1 Bonnet prop rod in engine compartment
BD16091 FENDER VENT SEAL 2 Seals doors in sides of fenders/wings
BD4321 RUBBER BUFFER 2 Fuel Filler Door
BD4354 FUEL DOOR SEAL 1 Seals perimeter of fuel filler door to body
BD4616 RUBBER BONNET BUFFER 10 Cushion bonnet to body
BD6581 RUBBER PLUG/BUFFER 4 Under rear license plate
BD8076 GAS PLUG 1 Seals fuel filler neck
C8297 FOG LAMP GROMMET 2 Fog lamp mounts in plinth panels between bumper and body
1048 JACK PLUG, XK 2 In jacking points
3405 LAMP O-RING 2 For side lamps on tops of fenders
3488 LICENSE LAMP LENS SEAL 1 License lamp lens to lamp body seal
3489 LICENSE LAMP SEAL 1 Seals license lamp to body
8059 FRONT LAMP BOOT 2 For turn signal lamps below head lamps
BD13129 WINDSCREEN SEAL 1 Holds front windshield to body
574890 TAIL LAMP PADS 1 PR Between tail lamp chrome bodies and car body
159-100 LENS PAD 2 Between tail lamp lenses and tail lamp chrome bodies
38-0023 OVER RIDER SEAL 5' Between bumper over riders and bumpers; cut to desired lengths
38-0032 SILL GROMMET 2 In rear of sills/rockers
C5497 WASHER NOZZLE PAD 2 Between windshield washer nozzles and body
3461 HEADLAMP PAD PR 1 PR Between headlamps and body
580734 MIRROR PAD 2 Between door mirrors (if fitted) and body
BD8598BLK WELT, BLACK, LARGE 12' Between rear fenders and body; cut to length
38-0045 WELT, BLACK, SMALL 4' Between front plinth panels and body
BD14971/1 DOOR GLASS SQUEEGEE 6' Between top of door and outer surface of door glass
BD13965 RUBBER "J" SEAL 21' Around perimeter of windshield/hinge posts, door sills, shut pillars
C522/2 WIPER SHAFT BEZEL PAD 2 Wiper shafts to body
BD2045 DOOR SEAL, PER FOOT 10' For hinge pillars and bottoms of doors; cut to length
BD2159 RUBBER SEAL, PER FOOT 6' Shut pillars
BD4875 RUBBER SEAL, PER FOOT 3' Bottom of trunk/boot lid
BD9345 RUBBER SEAL, PER FOOT 9' For trunk/boot lid
BD20499-1 LOCK STRIP, W/S SEAL 11 Fits inside windshield seal to make a tight fit
38-2020 CHANNEL FELT 6 Fits inside door window channels
BD20010/3-2 FUZZY STRIP, 32" LONG 4 Cushions door glass at tops of doors


Note: This item replaces part number 18-0506.

Model (Site) Category Schematic Key Name Application Qty
Jaguar XK120, 140, 150 Body Fittings Body Rubber Kits, XK120-150 1 BODY RUBBER KIT XK150 OTS from 831140 to 832105 1

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Make: Jaguar Model: XK150