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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I select a Transmission & Inspect for Wear?

When selecting a transmission, you should inspect it for wear as follows:

  • Look for wear in the input shaft. Reject any transmission that has noticeable play in the input shaft. Put the transmission in neutral and turn the shaft. The shaft should turn lightly and smoothly in neutral. Turn the input shaft in each gear. The output shaft should slip through your fingers. Again, the shaft should turn smoothly and noiselessly in each gear.
  • Finally, remove the shift tower and inspect the bushing inside the gear selector dog for wear or damage. A beat-up bushing in the selector dog indicates abuse and high mileage.

Will the HVDA conversion kit work for the Triumph or GT6 models and Morgans?

If you have questions regarding the conversion kitor the GT6 and Morgans please contact us.

Gear Ratio Conversion Table