Transmission Conversion Kit

Many Triumphs were built before freeway driving was common; so overdrive transmissions were rare. Today, you spend a lot of time on the freeway and without overdrive, your engine works a lot harder to keep up with traffic. What can you do?

You could install an original Triumph overdrive transmission - if you can find a usable one for a reasonable price; or you could install a fully synchronized, reliable, Toyota 5-speed transmission, and reduce your top-end cruising revs by as much as 22 percent.

HVDA offers conversion kits to fit all TR-2 through TR-6 series engines with Toyota 1982-85 Celica or Supra, 1984-96 pickup truck 5-speed, or 1992-97 Lexus SC300 5-speed manual transmissions. No cutting, drilling, or welding is required, and the car will still look "original" when you're done. You even keep the original Triumph shift lever and the original driveshaft, without modification! It weighs 50 pounds less than the Triumph transmission with an A-type overdrive, and they don't leak. (The 4-cylinder engines need the pressure plate changed to a TR-6 pressure plate.)

If you know how to remove and install a transmission and clutch, you're qualified to do this job. The conversion is straightforward, and can be done by any experienced mechanic.

The HVDA Triumph Transmission Conversion Kit contains everything* you need to make the conversion:

- a new bell housing that adapts the Toyota transmission to your engine

- a gear shift lever adapter mechanism and housing

- a new speedometer cable and mounting bracket

- a new transmission output flange/slip yoke and a locking collar for the driveshaft

- new transmission mounts and brackets for your model of Triumph**

- a new clutch disk and alignment tool

- a new pilot bushing and sleeve

- a new hydraulic clutch release throw out bearing with steel braided hoses

* No special tools are required, but you need to supply your own set of metric wrenches and sockets, in addition to a standard SAE set. A hydraulic transmission jack is also recommended.

**TR2s through non-IRS TR4As require one kind of mount and IRS TR4s through TR6s require another.